Total beginner’s step by step guide on how to sell digital content as a non-fungible tokens or NFTs in the Blockchain

NFT is the latest hype that seems everybody is selling or buying. It stands for non-fungible token in the cryptocurrency world, the non-fungible part of the definition can be confusing but it just denotes that it holds something unique you can’t exchange to another one of the same value. For…

Hands-on Tutorials

Estimate distance and position of solid objects using multiple low-cost ultrasound sensors.

In this article we are going to build from scratch a sonar array based on the cheap and popular HC-SR04 sensor. We will use an Arduino microcontroller to drive and read the sensors and to communicate to a host computer using serial communication.

Is robotic autarky achievable? Imagine a small coffee shop solely run and managed by a robot with the little help of its human customers.

In the age of automatization and the unstoppable rise of artificial intelligence for business applications, we will explore in this article an interesting brave concept about…

Alberto Naranjo

Software engineer. Like robots. Sometimes I write

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